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Trade with Confidence as there are No GiveAways,  No Internal Holdup, and No Scams.   

EZVerse.io is an decentralized Metaverse community, combining DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming into a vibrant blockchain-based MetaVerse. EZP Token are the Token for the masses, with 100 billion in total supply, backed by 10,000 3D CZ Han Horse NFTs as its underlying assets. As its name suggests, EZP Token is easy to use and built for the masses. Only EZP Token or CZ Han Horse NFT holders are allowed access to the exclusive membership mobile app EZVerse App . EZVerse App allows qualified users to be able to connect and socialize based on common interest in NFTs, and be able to trade, transact  NFTs with EZP Tokens. EZP Token is a deflationary token that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain, one that rewards holders and penalizes sellers, which is designed to stabilize price movements. EZVerse.io is an empirical community-based project for implementing an all-encompassing metaverse platform, combining DeFi, NFT and Gaming. The EZVerse community will be involved in the development of the project, each member will be able to participate in discussion, submit ideas, and contribute to the advancement and betterment of the platform. The primary mission is to allow users to trade EZVerse tokens on a decentralized exchange (QuickSwap), Purchase  CZ Han Horse NFTs with EZP tokens, and socialize with other NFT collectors on the EZVerse App.

Token Economics 

We have built a token that will reward you for holding it, without having to manually stake it.

Just sit back, relax, and watch your EZP tokens  automatically increase! 

EZP Token flow path can be summarized as followed:  

  • 5% of proceeds from 10000 CZ Han Horse NFT initial public offering will be used to buyback EZVerse tokens from QuickSwap 
  • 2.5% will be used to reward existing EZP token holders upon EZVerse token’s listing on public crypto exchange 
  • 2.5% will be burned permanently, thus decreasing the total supply of EZVerse Token, increasing scarcity over time.  
  • 5% service fee from ezPoints mobile app by EZP Token as payment will be used to buy back EZP tokens from Uniswap.
  • 2.5% will be used to reward existing EZP Token holders upon EZP Token’s listing on public crypto exchange 
  • 2.5% will be burned permanently, thus decreasing the total supply of EZP Token, increasing scarcity over time.  

EZP Token burn policy on all EZP Token transactions is put in place in order to reinforce the token value by keeping it deflationary, and thus preserving benefit and maximizing return for existing EZP Token holders.  

Phase 1 (Q4 2021)  : Grow EZVerse Community Membership : 

To become exclusive EZVerse.io social app member in phrase 2, a user needs to own EZP tokens and/or CZ Han Horse NFTs. As EZP token price is extremely low and CZ Han Horse NFT is very affordable in this phrase, first in first get is great one time opportunity.

As a social influencer, the user can help by spreading the word about EZVerse.io to their followers and fans on their respective social platforms.

Phase 2 (Q1 2022) : EZVerse.io Exclusive Membership Mobile App :

Open to all EZP token holders and CZ Han Horse NFT owners, members can enjoy private messaging, group chat, live conferences, decorating and exhibiting CZ Han Horse NFT collection, and more member-only online services.

Phase 3 (Q2 2022) : dApp Developments and EZVerse Token as Payment:

EZVerse.io will open its platform to dApp developers to build various dApps, as well as NFT artists to design and build aesthetically impressive NFT artwork,  all to further grow and perpetuate the EZVerse ecosystem.    There will be a 15% service fee on each dApp transaction; one third of which goes to dApp developers, one third goes to all EZP Token holders as passive reward, and one third will be burned to increase EZP Token value by deflation. 

Future Plan 

There will be a NFT BattleGround built as well as a platform where artists and creators can charge a monthly/yearly fee in EZVerse for private content. This gives all creators an opportunity to generate an additional income stream instead of relying on the app platform alone.

Paying for custom premium content in crypto provides both buyers and creators with anonymity, something that other popular platforms fail to provide. Additionally, crypto does not have as many handling fees as fiat, therefore we are able to charge a more competitive rate, providing creators with a greater income.