Frequently Asked Questions

ezVerses is a NFT-based social PTE ecosystem that enables gamers, investors, and average users to engage in an innovative, easy-to-adopt game-like experience while socializing and earning value.

You can download ezverse app from both app store and google play store

ezPoints was built to reward owners for holding their assets, for building the ezVerse, and for promoting the ezVerse. User can earn ezPoints by Build, Trade, Share, Hold and Support an NFT in ezVerse app.


After download and login app:

You can go to “Play” page in app, click “Brand” tab, then select ezverse mansion you would like to buy with, once purchased you can build  the mansion with blocks provided in app. Once you completed the mansion, you can start trading and earning ezp.

After download and login app:

You can go to “Play” page in app and click “Topics” tab, Once you have selected a topic you can start mint personal content.

You can sponsor any NFT simply by clicking the “sponsor” button on top of each NFT item page and input any amount you wanted to sponsor for the NFT, once sponsored, you will get more exposure rate.

You can support a campaign from“Play” page in app and click “campaign” tab, Once you have selected a campaign you can support with ezp token.

Here are the benifits of premium membership:

  • Get 1000000 ezPoints
  • Double daily ezPoints rewards.
  • Participate in premium member-only activities.

You can upgrade to premium in app by click profile -> upgrade

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EZVerse Token  is an innovative metaverse  for implementing a hybrid ecosystem combining  DeFi, NFT and Gaming.  Users trade EZVerse Tokens on a decentralized exchange (QuickSwap),  Purchase 3D CZ Han Horse NFTs with EZVerse Tokens,  and Socialize and Game with other NFT collectors.   

1.  You can securely buy or sell  with ETH on the QuickSwap exchange

EzVerse  Project has just started and will  definitely appreciate all gestures of support !   1. If you are an influencer,  help spread the word by promoting EZVerse Tokens on Twitter, Facebook or any social platforms of your choice.  2.  If you are a listing agent,  you can help list EZVerse Tokens on the exchange that you represent.   3.  If you are an eCommerce provider,  you can earn EZVerse Tokens as reward by trading or by becoming a liquidity provider on QuickSwap.   

EZP Tokens can be used to exchange for CZ Han Horse NFTs, which can then be traded on marketplaces such as 

CZ Han Horse NFTs are Polygon-based ERC 1155  Tokens.  Each NFT item has a unique serial number,  and a differentiating set of features.  

EZP Token Project team truly appreciates all gestures of support and donations of any amount that contributes to fulfilling our mission. If you would like to make donations, please send ETH to address 0x93B6a542F2FBfE7eFD02B75708f8f0CC12659628