ezPoints Max is the best place to watch, share and social with local warehouse shoppers. 

Traditional discount warehouses have struggled to attract and retain members.

They often rely on outdated marketing strategies, and they often lack the social features that today’s shoppers are looking for.

ezPoints MAX solves this problem by creating a fun and engaging social experience for shoppers by using gamification and social rewards to

encourage shoppers to interact with the platform and with each other.

Download app from homepage -> Launch app and sign up a new account with either AppleID, Phone Number, or GMAIL.

Once signed up,  you can start earning EZP reward points by daily check-in, browsing product videos, or making referrals to onboard new shoppers.

You can click on 3rd icon on the bottom navigation menu and start your shopping experience by browsing categories.

Just launch the App and that’s it!  Click Bottom Right Person icon. 

From your Profile page you can see your EZP balance incrementing as your app is active.

Social Feed is the default page located at the leftmost icon where all the most popular product pages are displayed for shoppers to browse. 

As your browse the Social Feed page, click the upper left icon on each Product item to go to the Shop’s Profile page.  Click “Follow” below the Avatar icon.

Click the bottom right Peron icon , click right Top Gear Icon -> click Edit.

Edit your name , Avatar, or Introducer id. 

Click the bottom right Person Icon to your Profile Page and a popup menu showing “Create Wallet” and “Import Wallet” option,

provided you have not yet integrated a wallet address.

Select Create Wallet and the app will automaticlaly create new wallet address,  or select Import and input your privateKey or 12 word prhase.

Once a wallet has been setup,  you can Edit your wallet by clicking righttop Gear icon and click Edit.

Click the bottom right Person Icon to your Profile Page and click the Bo button your Avatar page.   Click right top Menu  “…” icon and select Share

to send referral link to email, text, or any of your social channels.