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The World First Web3 Mobile APP for Local Warehouse shoppers!

ezPoints MAX is a social commerce platform that rewards users with reward points for engaging with local discount warehouses. 

The platform uses a variety of reward strategies to drive membership, including daily check-ins, watching and sharing product videos, and shopping at participating warehouses and stores.

Traditional discount warehouses have struggled to attract and retain members. They often rely on outdated marketing strategies, and they often lack the social features that today’s shoppers are looking for. ezPoints MAX solves this problem by creating a fun and engaging social experience for shoppers by using gamification and social rewards to encourage shoppers to interact with the platform and with each other.

ezPoints offers a number of benefits to both shoppers and warehouses. Shoppers can earn rewards for engaging and growing membership on the platform, and they can also get access to exclusive discounts and deals. 

Warehouses can use the platform to attract new members and to increase sales.

Sign up for FREE to get your Avatar NFT and earn EZP reward points by daily check-in, video watching, or sharing your favorite products videos to onboard new members.

To mint your Avatar NFT on the Polygon Blockchain, You can either pay $100 USD, or 100K ezPoints acquired via daily check-ins referrals or content consumption.